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Why Choose Jordan


I Use Fresh Ingredients

You can taste the difference when cakes are made with high quality ingredients, which is why I only use the best of the best in everything I make. From the flour to the frosting, my cakes are a tier above the rest.


I Bake With Love

Taste is paramount to a successful cake, which is why I always take special care to meet all your dessert needs. Whether you want a special flavor or design, or just want something unforgettably delicious for your next party, you can always count on an extra dash of love in everything I make.


I Deliver On Time

I get the cake in the box in your hands on time! I firmly believe the party should never stop because the cake is late.

Meet The Baker


Hi All! My name is Jordan Teague. I’m a Green Bay native, and currently reside in Allouez. I’ve always loved baking and have been making cakes for friends and family for years now. I would love to work with you to design the perfect cake for your upcoming event!

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